Agame Free Games

Enjoy a selection of some of the best games of the moment at FizGames. Are you ready for so much fun? Let’s go

With AGame’s programs on our website, you’re going to get your adrenaline rush and train your motor skills and techniques. You can hone your reflexes, have fun with your friends, and even play online multiplayer games. 

Games for Everyone 

FizGames offers over a thousand games, including all of AGame’s and they are geared towards several niches. Whether you like puzzles, guessing games, or number games, you’ll find what you need at AGame. 

The website also gives a home to a very large collection of funny games for those with a sense of humor, car, and motorcycle racing games, action-based games, as well as puzzle and strategy games. The website doesn’t fall short of multiplayer games that the user can play with their friends and family or with other online users. 

Always Something New 

Furthermore, at FizGames, we keep updating our choices because users can submit games if they have them. In other words, every time you log in to AGame, you might find new games to play and new features to try out. 

Safety Is Always First 

Owned by the Dutch company Spilgames, AGame offers in-game purchases and packages. However, they do have an information page for parents and do their best to keep their users safe. 

Users may create accounts, sign in with Facebook or Gmail in order to be able to save their scores and their progress. 

A History of Commitment to Satisfaction 

The company’s games are often ranked number 1 in their domain. The company, established in 2004, employs people from 27 different nationalities in its headquarters in The Netherlands. 

AGame has been offering a wide array of free-to-play online games and making them available in over 200 countries, connecting players all over the globe. 

Its mother company, Spilgames has been expanding worldwide and is available in over 20 languages – with more than 50 gaming websites. In 2009, they became the world’s biggest casual gaming company. In 2016, they expanded to mobile games and reached over 100 million users within 12 months. 

The Best of Everything 

As its mobile business grows, its website gaming sector continues to generate revenue. They offer a lot of their own games and also allow their users to submit their own game ideas and game models if they want to. This makes for a symbiotic environment and an ever-growing game market.