Free Spy Games

The best secret agent games are online here at FizGames, and they are 100% free! Do you have what it takes to be the next James Bond? You can put your stealth skills to the test and creep up on your rivals before crushing them. Using the element of surprise is the best tactic in war. Kill all the bad guys with big guns and high tech weaponry.

The Best SPY GAMES of 2020 100%

Go on a secret mission and get behind enemy lines to recover intel on their next attack. Infiltrate their bases to gain constant information. Blend in with the crowds so you don’t blow your cover. Dress up in disguises so that nobody knows who you are, so you can get up close and personal.

Shoot past the bad guys using well-structured tactics. Break down and cut the enemy forces. Take on dangerous missions to serve the greater good. Set up traps that your enemies will fall into and be victorious. Drive fast cars to unknown destinations. Escape back to safety with all the information you have collected.

Trick your enemies by letting them think you are on their side until it is too late and they don’t know what happened. Do what it takes to win and defeat your rivals. Use high tech gadgets to get through barriers and obstacles. If you don’t like getting close, then take out your enemies from long range with a sniper. Hide in camouflage or well thought out scenery. Do whatever you can, however you want, 100% free online with FizGames!