Free Rally Games

Have you always dreamed of being a rally racer? Do you watch in envy as the best drivers in the world compete at breakneck speeds for the championship?

The Best RALLY GAMES of 2020

Here at FizGames you can drive like a professional and feel the thrill of the race. We have a wide selection of entirely free to play rally games. Here you’ll be able to live out your wildest fantasy.

Are you ready to test out your driving skills and push yourself to the limit? Do you have a need for speed that you just can’t satiate in the real world? Here’s a chance to show the world what you’re made of. Take on some of our best rally tracks and courses and head for the finish line. Careen around the relay course at top speeds and try not to crash so you can take the winner’s spot.

Race through foreign lands and deserts, dodging obstacles and navigating terrain. Drive on real and fictional tracks. The gameplay is smooth and beautiful. Race cartoon vehicles or ultra-realistic versions in beautiful 3D animations. You can choose and customize your racer in many of the games. Collect trophies and show your friends who is the best around.

These games are addictive and immersive. The thrills of gliding through checkpoints and crossing the finish line will have you playing for hours. Here on FizGames we only offer the very best relay games. They are always free to play and are guaranteed fun. So wait for the green flag and 3, 2, 1….go!