Free Batman Games

Join this great man on quests and adventures as he battles to keep the streets of Gotham safe. Help your favorite superhero keep the Batcave and his secret identity safe from villains. Drive the Batmobile as you seek out foes and keep citizens safe. At FizGames we have all the very best superhero games free to play.

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The Best BATMAN GAMES of 2019

You can play as this character as he teams up with Aquaman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash and all the members of the Justice League. Keep the streets of Gotham City safe as you race the clock to save the day! Here you can enjoy thrilling games and puzzles featuring the Dark Knight. He needs your help to fight off his greatest enemies like The Riddler, The Joker and so many others. Can you beat the villains and help the hero save the day?


Time is running out for you to keep Gotham’s hero out of the clutches of the evil Scarecrow, you’ll have to think fast if you are going to win! Earn rewards and unlock levels as you help this ark hero save his friends who have been kidnapped by criminals. Only you can help him to escape perils and win the day! Challenge your friends to see who can get the highest score. Try and get your name to the top by being as fast and smart as The Dark Knight!


Only on FizGames will you find the best Batman games that are entirely free for use.  Become a hero or heroine and play along with Gotham’s greatest hero. We guarantee you will have hours of fun!