Free Minesweeper

MINESWEEPER is a unique game, and it was invented in 1960. It depends on luck. You can place your guess with a safer box, but you should know that some squares are rewarding, and some are dangerous to the players chance of winning


With your guessing and risk-taking, it’s an adventure. Do you know what’s even better? It is incredibly simple, and there are not many rules involved. It’s available on FizGames now – completely free, and without the need to register.

Your objective is to mark the mines hidden in the squares in the shortest time possible. If you then click on those boxes and press the bomb by accident, you lose the game. If you click at a safe box, then all other safe boxes that are connected with that box will automatically open. It only guarantees that the first box doesn’t contain the mine. So, a person can randomly click any square in the start.

There are many different schemes or strategies for you to adopt to this game. But honestly, there is not any rule, nor any fixed pattern. One can try an approach of clicking at distant boxes. They can also try to follow any specific direction. Sometimes it’s thought that mines can be somewhere around the red numbers, but it doesn’t always turn out like that. An effort is required if you want to master this game.

Try again and again until you succeed. Now go and try your luck. But be careful, there could be mine under the box that you are going to press. It counts your time and tells how many total mines are there under the squares. There are also difficulty levels for beginners and experts, so there’s no reason to delay! Get to playing!