Free Chess

Chess is the game for strategists. It’s the game of the Kings and Generals. If you think you are an excellent strategy maker, then you should excel in the field of Chess.

Free CHESS – Play CHESS Online

It’s a very famous game all around the world, and everyone who plays chess loves it. It’s about planning and strategy, and here you can play chess completely free since there is no registration process needed.

The rules of the game are complicated. But once you understand them, you won’t ever forget them. It’s a two player game with 64 squares on the board. Each player has 16 chess pieces. One player has white coloured chessmen, and one has black. Both players have eight pawns, two bishops, two rooks, two knights, one queen and a king. A pawn only moves forward in an unoccupied square, but it can take two steps at the start. A bishop can move diagonally to any number.

The complicated moves are typically associated with the knights on the board. You can move knight in any direction, always two squares straight, and then one square right or left. A rook can jump in a forward direction to any position. The queen, however, has multiple moves available to her. It has the power of both rook and bishop and behaves like both also. Finally, the king moves only one square in any direction. And no chessmen can jump over the other.

You can keep note, or count your moves. The time involved with this game also makes it more exciting, since a chess match between two strong players goes for a very long time. Chess is the ultimate platform to show your intelligence, so what are you waiting for? Give it a go today for FREE and start showing off your smarts!