Free Mystery Games

Is there anything more enthralling than a good mystery? Here at FizGames, we don’t think so. With our selection of the best mystery games free to play online, you will be scratching your head trying to find the answer

The best MYSTERY of 2020

Our games offer you the chance to stretch those brain muscles in exciting and captivating ways. In our games, you can take on the role of a detective or a mystery hunter. Help Sherlock Holmes and Watson on Baker Street as they try and figure out the answer. Perhaps you want to ride in the van with Scooby Doo and his gang. They need your help to figure out if the crimes are supernatural or a plot by humans. Become a forensic investigator and help solve the case.

You will have to put your super sleuthing powers to the test as you work out these head-scratchers. Play your way through museums, haunted houses, cities, or fantasy worlds as you search for hidden objects and figure out puzzles. Perk up your curiosity and intrigue while playing games in a variety of styles. Can you find your way out of mazes by using only your wit and cunning?

Our fantastic selection of mystery games includes various styles and animations. 3D or 2D play with beautiful illustrations. Collect rewards and trophies as you explore and find all the clues. FizGames guarantees a great time when you play our collection of mystery games free online. If you think you have the brains, then put them to the test here. The mystery is afoot; join in!